Who made me to play poker?

Since I heard of poker, I always continued to play it whenever I could do it anywhere when they did. They love to play with all my friends gathered together, like they did when I felt like living on another world and that nothing around me did not matter to me than my friends and playing poker. But the question that I always ask is how I started playing poker? I remember that day like it was yesterday, when everything started for me, oddly enough ,only a dream. On that day, so a poker tournament on TV and I dream there at the table face to face with my opponents. I wanted very much to become like them! I went to bed and dream I dreamed the same thing I saw on TV. Perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe it was when I woke up frightened mother looked around the room and now do not realize where they are, the dream seemed so real that I still believe they’re there at that table. Since then I can say that it will be my destiny and I will try to fulfill my dream and the next day so I bought all the books about tactics and schemes about how you could play poker, how should adopt tactics, how would you have to watch your opponents and how you should behave when you play not to give away tactics that apply.

But the hardest part was that they had to apply the tactics because I was forced to play alone and I was very hard to take all the cards on the table and apply hand for each player eachspecific tactics to simulate a real game. That lasted about 2weeks after that I felt ready and I went to a national championshipin which the mass was free entry and winner went to the biggest poker tournament in the world who earn fabulous. So I put on the table and won everything in their way, reached the final state offear that I entered and felt slightly easier to get into tilt I had only $ 100 while my opponent had $ 1200 I decided to put everything ingame, so did he, but with my luck they expect the book came and I won. I did not think that will never get that far, but I did it with my dream.