Is poker for me?

For me poker is how fun and how I manage to relax. I do not know maybe some people think that poker is a game that wastes your time elsewhere or make you bored very quickly. But for me one is not so, for me poker was and is and one of my sources of income. But here open a parenthesis for all who want to try poker for a living of it is very difficult to do, you need a lot of training and especially a lot of patience to win and become one of the best players. But many of those who do not play poker and tried not say it is just a simple card game where you have to be lucky just to win, but is quite different in poker luck the last thing is to trust in him because it will passed sometimes. An old saying comes from such ”luck and your bad luck you do it with your hand” and so it is, luck can be up to you and how you play and how thinking at that time. The vast majority of players lose their temper when they see that everything goes down the drain and then, no longer having throw everything on the table makes hoping for a miracle, that miracle may come or may not occur.

Many lose their temper, but when I see that everything goes to the dogs and all their work easily falls slightly and then acquired many of them enter the tilt. Looking around I do not know what to do toget out of this state, fail many times, and some withdrew and others choose to throw everything to try to see what will be.

But the hardest part is that you have a lot of money and think about what you do with them, so I know many poker players do not have to happen, the money should be seen as something that does not exist for the moment because they distract you from the game and you lose a lot.