How to win a lot from poker?

How to become one of the richest people in the world playing poker?

Well, to become one of the best poker players should have much practice, patience and tactics. I first played poker on the internet .I find it very complicated and I have not given much importance .The next day I played and the lack of occupation. Begin to understand about what it is. Days passed and I was playing increasingly more poker without knowing how quickly time passes at your computer playing online poker.I started to learn everything and so I decided to try my game money fortune. I arrived at the casino I was little nervous because for the first time I play on a sum of money.
When I came to the table all underestimated me saying I have no chance in front of them play for years. We started on a very small amount, about $ 1000 a game was going very badly for me, everyone else but I was earning only one does not. All loss and losing did not know what to do remain a very small amount of money I decided to put them all in the game. A final hand has become the lucky winning $ 10,000. All my opponents at the table were amazed. I was still counting and I played in high amounts. At the end of the evening we arrived at the amount of $ 100,000 and decided to leave the casino.

From that experience I went today only wasting time earning my living from casino . Become very recognized both inside and outside of the casino because of the large sums of money that I won. Play with the richest and influential people in the world who pat. Many of them came to ask my advice on the strategy that it applies; I wanted to say how you always win. I started investing money earned in my own casino.I played the best poker player and I managed to overcome very difficult, everyone was speechless even saying he remained very surprised that only has words. Congratulated me and invited me to play even in the most expensive poker tournament in the world.