How I won $ 243.000 from from poker?

Well many of you will not how to do this but know that is possible.To win you need a lot of patience and a lot of skill when it comes to poker. You need a well planned strategy and not least of luck.It all started when playing internet poker without betting real money. I tried to bet and I did. I put a very small amount and I played on it. That amount we managed to lift 10-20 times more. I did not think I be able to do that but I did. I withdrew that amount and we tried real casino poker.

The best players from many casinos or offered to teach me what they know best, everyone said I could become champion if you listen. We played a lot of small tournaments before falling one game I saw and how I apply the strategy in the game. Offered to sponsor me in the biggest tournaments in the world. I train every day to become the best, but as I said earlier you not just to win. You also need luck.

Won almost all tournaments in which they participate sponsors increasingly came to me for more offers to be associated. I have not given up my old sponsor because I was not a partner but as a brother, this time I spent with him made ​​me see the world differently.I arrived at the biggest tournament in the world where gathered the richest and influential people. I was not happy, I do not think I have a chance in this tournament. Tournament starts and I lose and I went down, when my sponsor, I whispered to throw everything in the game to finish. All remained surprised and did it myself. I waited dramatic last book, when you I lifted the book I screamed of happiness is the book we needed. Won the tournament with very great difficulty. It was worth all the effort.Attend and continue even today to win a lot of money from poker after. For this I would like to thank all those who were with me to guide me and help them earn all the money they owe.